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Post by RoseBond on Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:12 pm

In order to initiate the party quest, you need to head to Ludibrium Eos Tower and go up to the 101st floor. You can enter through the NPC that looks like a STOP sign – hard to miss.

PQ Requirements:
The level requirement is 35 to 50 and you need to have a party of six people in that range of levels to enter.

In order to complete a PQ successfully, a mage (or cleric) with at least one skill point on teleport, a class with range i.e. bowman, crossbowman, assassin or sindit, and a thief with dark sight are critical.

Additional information:
The time limit of the party quest is 1 hour although, provided you have decent, experienced party members (preferably at level 40+) and a touch of luck (especially for stage 8.) you can complete the quest in about 30 minutes.

The party quest consists of 9 stages and a bonus, although the actual 9th stage (boss stage) is called Crack of Dimension, compared to the first 8 stages being called Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.

I don’t typically like to be picky with party members, but as Maplestory generally goes, only the strongest survive, so here are a few tips in forming a party.

(1) Cleric – not essential, but since teleport is necessary, a mage or cleric is important and a cleric could literally be a life saver for the final stage.
(2) Haster – again, not essential, but a thief with a decent level of haste could come in handy for the 5th stage.
(3) Assassin or (cross)bowman – this is essential for stage 7 and stage 9 as you need to be able to kill ratz across a distance that cannot be teleported/jumped over with maxed jump.
(4) Warrior – if you want a warrior in your party, you are best to make sure he is at least level 40 and if not, it is imperative you have other attackers with higher accuracy because warriors miss a lot on the party quest boss (due to low accuracy).

Stage 1:

  • Ratz from another Dimension have 3700 HP and give 260 EXP

  • Black Ratz from another Dimension have 4300 HP and give 280 EXP

Stage Requirements:
Originally, a mage or cleric with teleport was required here in order to collect two passes, but since we have the ability to drop below platforms, this will come in handy here (although you should already have a teleport for stage 5).

For this stage, you need to collect 25 passes. Each monster drops one pass each, so you should all work together to do it as fast as possible. After all passes are collected, hand them back to the leader so the stage can be cleared.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT go through the portal as soon as the stage is cleared! See Stage 2 below, for why.

Stage 2:

Stage 2 is simple, you need to hit boxes to get passes. You need 15 passes in total. However, one box activates a trap, which sends all the party members into another map. This is why, in stage 1 it is necessary for you to assign one member to go into stage 2 and hit the trap box to be teleported. Once (s)he has done this, they must say “Clear” in party chat to tell the other members to go ahead into stage 2. In the trap room, you have to climb the ropes to the top, opening the boxes on the way to get 4 more passes. This should be done while the rest of the party collects passes from stage 2.

The trap box is the second box from the top in stage 2. When all passes have been collected, pass them over to the leader to clear the stage.

Stage 3:

  • Bloctopus from another dimension have 4900HP and give 288 EXP

Similarly to stage 1, you need to kill monsters and collect passes. To summon the monsters, hit the boxes spread around the map. It is recommended to have 3 members do the top half and the other 3, the bottom half of the map. There are 32 passes to collect and after they are all collected, hand them back to the leader so the stage can be cleared.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you collect the passes that drop behind the walls on the sides of the map if you kill a monster there.

Stage 4:

  • Dark Eye from Another Dimension has 6,500HP and gives 340 EXP

  • Shadow Eye from Another Dimension has 7,100HP and gives 340 EXP

Stage Requirements:
The dark eye is weak to magic attack but strong against weapon attack (although with high accuracy you can kill it quite easily), therefore a mage or cleric is useful for this stage.

There are 6 portals in this stage, with a monster or two in each. Each monster drops a pass and there are 6 passes in total. All the portals are black inside, so it’s hard to see where you’re walking, just jump around to find your way. In some portals, you enter one way, but exit from another. You just have to keep this in mind when trying to get out.

When going into a portal, mark it by dropping a coin. This is to let party members know that you have it covered (and so you don’t lose EXP if they come in). The monster appears randomly, usually in the middle of the map and you can only kill it when you can see its eyes. A trick is to hang at the bottom of the rope, and you can find where the monster is when you see a shadow pass over you. Once you kill it, loot the pass and take it to your leader.

The top 3 portals contain the monsters weak to magic attack, so these should be taken by mages. The bottom 2 contain monsters weak to physical attack, so any other members can take those. Be careful not to miss the monster under the steps when you first enter the portal in the middle mage portal.

Once all 6 passes are collected, give them to the leader to clear the stage.

Stage 5:

Stage Requirements:
This stage is where dark sight comes in. The block golems hit about 30,000 on you, so a thief with dark sight is required to pass them to get passes. A mage or cleric is also needed for the very top portal. Haste would also come in handy.

This stage is really quite simple and every party member should participate to get it done faster. You basically just choose a portal, mark it with a coin and collect passes from the boxes. There are 4 passes in each room, with 6 rooms in total, so to clear the stage, the leader needs all 24 passes.

Stage 6:

In order to proceed to the next stage, you have to make your way up by following the combination 133-221-333-123-111. By pressing up at the correct numbered box, you get teleported up. If you choose the wrong box, you get teleported back to the start.

Stage 7:

  • Black Ratz from another dimension 4100 HP and give 280 EXP

  • Ratz from another dimension have 3700 HP and give 260 EXP

  • Bloctopus from another dimension has 4900 HP and gives 288 EXP

  • Rombot from another dimension has 33000 HP and gives 850 EXP

Stage Requirements:
At this stage, a class with a ranged attack is crucial in order to summon Rombots.

Kill the ratz and bloctopus to summon 3 rombots. These can only be killed with range, so ranged classes come in handy.

The rombots spawn at the bottom of the map, and once you’ve killed all 3, collect 3 passes and you can clear the stage. If you don’t kill the rombots fast enough, they spawn block golems which aren’t hard to kill.

Stage 8:

This is the stage that most people dread because it requires a lot of concentration and patience (a little bit of luck helps too).

The aim of the stage is to find the right combination by having party members standing on numbered boxes. The combination consists of 5 numbers.

The boxes are numbered like so:

1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8 9

The combinations follow the order of 1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4-6, 1-2-3-4-7 etc up to 5-6-7-8-9. You simply have to keep moving around until you find the right combination. The way to do it would be to have 4 members on 1, 2, 3 and 4 staying still while the person standing on 5 moves to 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 while the leader clicks each time to check the combination. The person on number 4 would then move to 5 and number 5 person would move to 6 and go 7 to 8 to 9. This should continue until you clear the stage.

There are 126 combinations in total: 12345, 12346, 12347, 12348, 12349, 12356, 12357, 12358, 12359, 12367, 12368, 12369, 12378, 12379, 12389, 12456, 12457, 12458, 12459, 12467, 12468, 12469, 12478, 12479, 12489, 12567, 12568, 12569, 12578, 12579, 12589, 12678, 12679, 12689, 12789, 13456, 13457, 13458, 13459, 13467, 13468, 13469, 13478, 13479, 13489, 13567, 13568, 13569, 13578, 13579, 13589, 13678, 13679, 13689, 13789, 14567, 14568, 14569, 14578, 14579, 14589, 14678, 14679, 14689, 14789, 15678, 15679, 15689, 15789, 16789, 23456, 23457, 23458, 23459, 23467, 23468, 23469, 23478, 23479, 23489, 23567, 23568, 23569, 23578, 23579, 23589, 23678, 23679, 23689, 23789, 24567, 24568, 24569, 24578, 24579, 24589, 24678, 24679, 24689, 24789, 25678, 25679, 25689, 25789, 26789, 34567, 34568, 34569, 34578, 34579, 34589, 34678, 34679, 34689, 34789, 35678, 35679, 35689, 35789, 36789, 45678, 45679, 45689, 45789, 46789, 56789.

There are two ways to go about this stage:

GMS (Global Maplestory)
This method follows the numbering exactly as they appear on the boxes.

JMS (Japanese Maple Story)
For this version of the stage, the boxes are looked at like so:

1 7
2 5 8
3 4 6 9

Where 1 = 1, 2 = 7, 3 = 2, 4 = 5, 6 = 3, 7 = 4, 8 = 6 and 9 = 9.

Here you would follow the number combinations as before, but the position of the party members would be different. So for the inital case of 1-2-3-4-5, your characters would actually be standing on boxes numbered 1-3-6-7-4.

Crack of Dimension:

  • Black Ratz from another dimension 4100 HP and give 280 EXP

  • Alishar has 125000 HP and gives 4400 EXP

  • Chronos

  • Platoon Chronos

  • Master Chronos

Stage Requirements:
At this stage, a class with a ranged attack is crucial in order to summon Alishar.

Kill the rat to summon Alishar. Alishar spawns chronos, platoon chronos, and master chronos. When Alishar is dead, he drops the Key of Dimension which the leader should pick up.

[Guide] Ludibrium Party Quest Alisha11

IMPORTANT: Ensure you have at least 2 etc, use and equip slots in your inventory before going into bonus.


There are two parts to the bonus. In the first part, you have to 60 seconds to break as many boxes as you can and mesos, items and pots drop randomly. In the second part, called Determine to Adventure, you simply have to climb the ladders, click on the NPC at the top and you will get a reward. A full list of rewards can be seen below.


  • Any color Justice Cape (Level 55)

  • Any color Napoleon (Level 50)

  • Blue Moon Earrings

  • Skull Earrings

  • Red-Hearted Earrings

Use Items:
  • 100 White Potions

  • 100 Blue Potions

  • 30 Unagi

  • 30 Mana Elixirs

  • 30 Pure Water

  • 10 Elixirs

  • Maple Throwing Stars

  • 10% Glove ATT

  • 10% Bottomwear DEF

  • 10% Glove DEX

  • 10% Helmet DEF

  • 10% Topwear DEF

  • 10% Overall DEF

  • 10% Overall DEX

  • 60% Bottomwear DEF

  • 60% Bow ATT

  • 60% Claw ATT

  • 60% Crossbow ATT

  • 60% Cape DEX

  • 60% Cape INT

  • 60% Cape LUK

  • 60% Cape STR

  • 60% Cape HP

  • 60% Dagger ATT

  • 60% Earring INT

  • 60% Glove DEX

  • 60% Helmet DEF

  • 60% Helmet HP

  • 60% Overall DEF

  • 60% Overall DEX

  • 60% Overall INT

  • 60% One-Handed Axe ATT

  • 60% Two-Handed BW ATT

  • 60% Polearm ATT

  • 60% Shoe DEX

  • 60% Spear ATT

  • 60% Staff MATT

  • 60% Topwear DEF

  • 60% Wand MATT

  • 100% Glove ATT

Etc. Items:
(Numbers may vary)
  • Aquamarine Ore (10-15)

  • Black Crystal Ores (3-6)

  • Diamond Ores (4-6)

  • Garnet Ores(15)

  • Gold Ores (5)

  • Mithril Ores (12-15)

  • Sapphire Ores (12)

  • Silver Ores (15)

  • Steel Ores (15)

  • Topaz Ores (15)

  • Screws (5)

Bonus Stage Prize:
  • Pop Soda (2000 HP)

  • Watermelon (1000 HP + 1000 MP)

  • Red Bean Sundae (2000 MP)

  • Orange Juice (450 MP)

  • Grape Juice (900 MP)

  • Sunrise Dew (4000 MP)

  • Sunset Dew (5000 MP)

  • Power Elixirs (Full HP/MP)

  • Napoleon (any color)

  • Skull Earrings

  • Heart-Shaped Earrings

  • Blue Moon Earrings

  • Black Moon Earrings

Broken Glasses:
After successfully completing the party quest 35 times, you can talk to the Red sign and get the broken glasses.

When doing Ludibrium party quest, it can sometimes be difficult to find a free channel, so when you do manage to get one, you want to keep it. The problem is, while you are in bonus, the party quest opens up to allow another party to enter stage 1. Maplers, therefore, came up with a solution to this problem and it’s called Brush or Bonus-Rush.

The disadvantage of this is that you skip the 60 second bonus (although some debate that this stage is hardly worth it because the most valuable reward you could get is a cape or earrings) but the advantage is that you get to keep the channel, so no more waiting to get in!

There are two ways to do it:
One way would be to decide a “leaver”. The leaver would have to be somebody who doesn’t lag. When you clear the final stage and you go into bonus, the “leaver” should leave the party. This will automatically send all the party members into the second bonus. The leader would have to quickly add the member back to the party and get out of the map (click the NPC) and spam click on the Red sign to get back in.

The alternative is to basically to do the same, except the leader would expel a party member and re-add them again in Determine to Adventure.

Either way works and reaps the same benefits: unlimited access to the channel! – provided you have a good, fast-clicking leader.

[Guide] Ludibrium Party Quest Signat10

[Guide] Ludibrium Party Quest Sigros10

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