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The Guild Rules! Empty The Guild Rules!

Post by Choti on Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:50 am

# NO Hackers:
This guild is legit. As such, hackers are not welcome. All hacking is forbidden.

# Members Must Be Active:
Be active whenever you can. If you have problems with being active during your membership in the guild, please let us know so that we don't think you quit the game and left us standing around waiting for you. eg (school work, going on a holiday etc etc.)

# Lend Assistance When You Can:
Be helpful and supportive to each other. This might mean you have to train people that are lower level than you or help them collect items for quests.
That is not to say that we expect you to devote your online time to making sure the other members have all they need. Far from it. The other members are expected to pull their own weight as much as they can BEFORE asking for help.

# Member Conduct:
Be respectful, helpful and nice not only to each other, but also to the general Maple Population. This is a requirement, as we see every guild member as a representative of the guild. So does anyone you might meet. The general guidelines for behavior are as follows:

1. Cursing: This includes using 'clever substitutions' for actual curse-words to still manage to get the odious term across. IE: Using an exclamation mark for a letter I, zeros for the letter O, or just leaving one letter off to get it past the chat guard. If it gets to be a problem, then we will solve the problem. Don't let it get to be a problem.

2. Treat Others With Respect: If someone asks you a question, for help, or strikes up a conversation, then we'd prefer you didn't shout at them for bothering you or ignore them altogether. Not to say that one doesn't occasionally find themselves in a tough spot in game and can't respond immediately, but the general rule is that it shouldn't take more than five minutes to get where you can respond safely.

Conversely, if one doesn't immediately answer you, that doesn't mean you should Spam the chat channel until they DO respond.

3. Harassment:
Don't do it. This means you don't call people names. You don't laugh when they have a hard time. You especially don't walk up to random people and ask for 'Hot Smexy', to be your g/f or b/f, or to 'Rape You'. It is not funny. It is not what our members do.

4. Flaming: Yelling or name-calling at people that might not share your opinions is not the best approach to a reasonable discussion of issues. If you can't discuss an issue with civility and respect, then it's probably better to change subjects.

5. Begging: Our members share what they can spare with other members, including but not limited to HMD (hand me down) equipment, quest items, Fame, potions, mesos or whatever. BUT, that helpfulness should never be taken for granted, neither should it be seen as an entitlement.

Moreover, it is not any of the members' jobs to outfit any of your other characters for you. Selling what we shared with you is not an acceptable use.

6. Inappropriate Chat: The Guild and Buddy Chat channels are intended to let us communicate with each other. Therefore, using them for Pet Commands, allcaps (SHOUTING), or general nonsense is not permissible. Spamming is considered inappropriate chat.

# Membership: There are some guidelines for membership, as follows:

1. No Revolving Door: We expect you to take your membership in the guild seriously and have the due respect for the guild, its rules, and all the other members to not treat your membership lightly. If you join, then quit in a week, then ask to be re-invited in another week, that is not showing due respect. We do not do Trial Memberships, nor do we use Temps for various Party Quest purposes.

2. Multiple Membership: We're aware that we're much different from many guilds out there in terms of helpfulness and friendliness, and sometimes the reaction is to have all the characters that you're allowed on Kradia to all be members of the guild. We understand this reaction. However, we'd like you to understand that it costs us huge amounts of mesos to expand the guild roster, and we'd rather have all different members than perhaps twenty folks with three people each.

3. No Swapping: If you join a character and accept our assistance until you become reasonably attractive to other guilds, it is bad form to ask us to let your current 'cool' character quit and let you bring in some other 'not-quite-as-cool' character for us to build up all over again. We make investments in each other of both time and resources towards the overall good of the guild. It is unreasonable to have us make such an investment for it to pay off for some other guild, and it shows a remarkable lack of loyalty and gratitude on your part.

However, we are aware that newer players will make mistakes in the distribution of their skills and AP, and if one feels they've totally ruined their current character and wants to restart, we will allow them to do so and retain their guild membership.

4. Ranks: We generally award increases in rank when we feel it is warranted. However, having a higher rank does not automatically allow you to give orders to lower-ranked members, though we do expect you to offer guidance in cases where they're likely to run afoul of the rules.

Tattling to one of the Guild Staff is not guidance.

# Overall: We are gathered in a guild to offer support and assistance to each other that we could not get by ourselves. As such, every member is equally important. Every member has something to offer the other members. By that token, it is not anyone's job to keep you happy or similarly bribe you to either become or remain a member.

Lets make this a nice place to be in.

Rules by TheLiterati Guild modified and followed by Existence

Choti & Rose<3 :D

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